The Best Subject Line Length for Opens is …

By Bob West Email marketing is blowing up in ag circles as companies tap into growing web use among ag professionals and appreciate the cost effectiveness and immediate results to be gained from delivering a message right into a grower’s in box. And companies are learning what content engages their prospective customers most effectively and creates the most click-through activity to their website. (Click here for a Meister Interactive blog

6 Mobile Trends to Watch in Precision Agriculture

By Matt Hopkins One consistent trend from Meister Media’s research into our audience’s internet use of late has been the increasing adoption of mobile technology for work purposes. Perhaps no segment of ag benefits more from the ubiquitous power of mobile technology than precision agriculture. Complete mobility to be able to monitor, store and share information at anytime, anywhere in the world via a smartphone or tablet has taken precision

New Survey Finds Extensive Web Use Among Cotton Growers

By Bob West Among the many different agricultural audiences served by Meister Media, the cotton growers across the United States are the ones whose internet activity is least understood. Our Cotton Grower magazine set out to answer many of these questions with the 2014 Cotton Grower Internet Use Study, conducted in February 2014. The survey was conducted electronically, so the growers had to already have an email address to participate

Mobile Traffic Booms in Ag.

By Bob West So many marketers in specialty ag struggle with their websites. What content should be on there? How often should they be updated? How do you ensure they’re optimized for search? Well, the numbers from our Google Analytics data illustrate that marketers have one more question to add to the list: How do we ensure a quality experience for visitors on mobile devices? Mobile visits (phones and tablets)

Survey Highlights Fruit & Veg Grower Online Behavior

By Bob West When the Internet exploded in popularity and use more than a decade ago, business of all types embraced this new tool and the unmatched information it could provide them. Except for agriculture. For any number of reasons, they largely ignored the web and all of its benefits for a number of years. Slowly but surely, however, growers of all sorts have gotten online and come to view

The Online Press Room – 5 Keys to Building Yours Now

By Bob West So much of our blogging on this site focuses on how you as a marketer can (and should!) use assorted digital media options to reach potential customers. But one of our online editors recently noted that you can (and, again, should!) use your website to engage the relevant trade media that cover your industry. Too few companies have invested the time to build an online press room,

Love ‘em or Hate ‘em, Pop-up Ads Work

By Bob West The pop-up, roadblock or interstitial web ad… You know the one – it suddenly shows up right in front of you as you peruse your favorite site, forcing you to take action before you can resume your activity. You absolutely hate these ads, right? Of course you do. But it’s highly likely this ad interests you more than the other ads on the page. A new study

Some B-to-B Ads that Inspire

by Bob West Many in B2B marketing world hold tight to secret dreams of what they could do with a consumer-sized budget. They see a new Apple campaign and say, “I could have done that.” Or they watch the Super Bowl commercials and come away thinking, “Really? That’s it?” They they go back to ordering trade show handouts or reviewing the latest product photography for the new catalog and, well, the

Benchmark Ad CTRs Unveiled

By Bob West Dive deep into the metrics from more than 3,000 ads run across more than 30 different digital media in 2013 and what do you get? Updated benchmark performance (and more than a couple of valuable insights) for every digital ad unit offered by Meister Media. A summary of the metrics for each ad unit is below, but, first, some observations: 1. Pay attention to all of the

Email Marketing Benchmarks Released for Ag & Hort

By Bob West The many obvious benefits of email-based marketing are inspiring more and more companies to incorporate email into their marketing efforts, whether that means developing their own enewsletter communications tool or producing regular product-oriented blasts. All the efforts in the world won’t do any good without a quality list, however, which is a key reason so many marketers look to media companies to augment their own lists and