How and Why You Should be Using UTM Codes

By Charlie Craine So what in the world is a UTM code? A UTM (Urchin Traffic Monitor) tracking code adds some elements to the end of your URL to trace specific information back to Google Analytics. This helps to identify specific ads, links or campaigns. Why do you need a UTM code? Because most marketing efforts have a broad range of sources, campaigns and mediums. We’ll explain these later. The

Lessons from a Client’s Google Analytics

  By Bob West   A client recently contacted us for help understanding the activity on their website. They admitted never looking at the Google Analytics (GA) numbers due to a lack of time, so they gave us access to their GA account and we dove in for them. The good news is that this client already had GA active on its website and decided to get serious about understanding

Ag & Hort Audiences Using Web More & More; Ad CTRs Outperforming

By Bob West I think we’re finally to the point where we don’t have to keep providing digital audience metrics to convince marketers that the agricultural and horticultural audiences Meister Media serves really do use the Internet for work. (Some of you may laugh – you have no idea how many doubters we faced even just a couple of years ago!) Our eight branded websites combined to deliver an average

First Half of 2015 Sees Huge Mobile Jump for Ag

  By Bob West Two topics have dominated headlines for digital marketers in 2015: native advertising and mobile. We’ll share our thoughts on native in another post soon, but focus on mobile today. We’ve written quite a bit about this topic in the last year or so (here’s one good post), but key metrics pulled after the second quarter of 2015 warrant attention. In short, mobile traffic to Meister Media’s

Why you should be using Google Analytics (otherwise, why bother having a website?)

By Charlie Craine   If you have a Google Analytics account and (at least) occasionally use it to check what people are doing on your website then this article isn’t necessarily for you. We’ll have a follow-up article on what you should be doing to get the most out of Google Analytics soon, but this article is for those of you without a Google Analytics account or who never check

Email? Video? Websites? They’re all about the mobile.

  By Bob West   The end of the first quarter brought a flood of digital media analysis reports to my in box, and they came from different people throughout our organization. One of our publishers sent me a “Global Video Index” report summarizing trends from 2014. A member of our marketing department sent me an email service provider’s “Q4 2014 Recap” report. Meanwhile, our own digital analytics guy has

9 Hot Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing is more popular than ever as companies see the value of delivering their marketing message directly to the in-boxes of a targeted list of prospective customers. In this video, we share tips and recommendations to help you improve your own email marketing efforts, including: How companies are succeeding with email marketing; Tips for writing effective subject lines; and A look at top-performing creative.

Google Announces SEO Penalties for Non-Mobile Sites

  By Bob West We’ve talked at multiple times in the blog about the importance or value of having a mobile-optimized website. The folks at Google feel so strongly about this issue that they’ve taken a rare step of announcing specifics of upcoming changes to their algorithm. Effective April 21, mobile-optimized sites receive additional credit in the search giant’s rankings. While this is certainly good news for companies who have

Web hosting: What should I do?

Before I even start with tech speak, consider this: If you had a million dollars would you put it under you mattress and guard it yourself every day? Or would you put it in a bank? We build a lot of websites for our clients, which means website hosting is critical to making those great new websites run well and on the platform we use, WordPress. Clients often have a