Google Announces SEO Penalties for Non-Mobile Sites

  By Bob West We’ve talked at multiple times in the blog about the importance or value of having a mobile-optimized website. The folks at Google feel so strongly about this issue that they’ve taken a rare step of announcing specifics of upcoming changes to their algorithm. Effective April 21, mobile-optimized sites receive additional credit in the search giant’s rankings. While this is certainly good news for companies who have

Web hosting: What should I do?

Before I even start with tech speak, consider this: If you had a million dollars would you put it under you mattress and guard it yourself every day? Or would you put it in a bank? We build a lot of websites for our clients, which means website hosting is critical to making those great new websites run well and on the platform we use, WordPress. Clients often have a

Most Marketers Believe Digital Spend Will Soon Overtake Traditional Media

  By Michael Deluca   From, comes the intelligence that most marketers believe that their spending on digital marketing will soon exceed their traditional media spending, if it hasn’t already. Marketing analysis firm ThinkVine originally fielded the survey of some 200 senior-level marketers in April 2014. It discovered that digital has already surpassed traditional media in spending for one-quarter of respondents. An additional 31% believe their digital marketing spend

What a Google Search Term Analysis Can Tell You

  By Charlie Craine   Do wonder how your customers get to your website? Or, more importantly, how prospective customers find your website?   The answer is simple: Search. (And, despite what the folks at Yahoo! would have you believe, that generally means Google.) So, back to the original question … how do people find your website? What specific terms are they entering into that empty space on Google that

New Benchmark Click-through Rates Spotlight Top-Performing Ad Units

By Bob West   When enewsletters and websites debuted, this new form of advertising was all about the click and getting prospective customers to the advertiser’s website. This thinking has shifted quite a bit in recent years with marketers emphasizing digital advertising’s brand-building value more than anything.   But the click still carries value. That’s why we just analyzed the performance of more than 3,000 enewsletter and website ads placed

Infographic Videos: A Great Tool for Promoting Your Company or Product

  By Bob West   Clients are continually asking us for simple and cost-effective ways they can use video to enhance their marketing and engage prospective customers. We have plenty of examples of product introduction videos, educational videos and testimonial videos to accomplish these goals, but many customers want something even simpler. So, we challenged two of our digital developers to create an infographic video all text, no on-camera work

Ag Markets See Mobile Traffic Continue Climbing in 2014

  By Bob West   Before I get into the guts of this blog post, let me ask you a question: Would you ever set up a tradeshow booth that really only appealed to people walking in one particular direction down the aisle? Please keep that question in mind as we consider the increasing importance of mobile web traffic¦   As you likely know, mobile web traffic continues climbing. We

The Numbers are Clear: Ag Markets Using the Web More than Ever

  By Bob West   Turning the calendar from one year to the next presents an obvious opportunity for reviewing key business metrics. One such group of metrics would be those from your website. A look through the key Google Analytics data on our family of eight specialty agriculture websites tells a very exciting story, including the following key takeaways for marketers looking to reach these businesses: Online ag audiences

Benchmarks Set for Email Marketing Efforts 

By Bob West   There once was a day when direct mail represented a critical part of many (if not most) companies’ marketing efforts. Direct mail’s popularity has waned over the years for numerous reasons, chief among them being the value of email-based direct marketing.   We at Meister Media have witnessed the shift of dollars toward email efforts first hand we’ll send approximately 50% more emails on behalf of

Research Highlights the Key to Content Marketing Success

  By Bob West   I’m writing this post just hours after having one of the most exciting conversations about content marketing that I’ve ever had with a Meister Media client. While the content marketing train continues gathering steam throughout the consumer marketing world and even among B2B firms with significant budgets, most companies in our industries remain focused on traditional trade marketing tactics such as trade shows and catalogs.