Media Use of Fruit & Vegetable Growers Revealed

  By Bob West   If you sell to fruit and vegetable growers …. Do you know which media sources fruit and vegetable growers think are most useful when it comes to learning about new products? Where do these growers look for answers when they’re researching a potential product purchase? And when these growers go online, what sort of information are they seeking most often? The team at American Fruit

Mobile Use Keeps Climbing — What Are You Doing About It?

By Bob West   When I’ve provided previous updates on the use of mobile technology by our specialty agriculture audiences, the reason for doing so was to alert our clients about a burgeoning trend … which makes me wonder if these updates are even necessary at this point? Do marketers still wonder about whether these growers and retailers use smartphones and tablets for work? I certainly hope not because the

New Research Identifies Primary Goal of Content Marketing & Keys to Success

  By Bob West We’ve talked about the concept of content marketing a number of times in this blog, and we’re going to do so again here today because it’s a concept offering real value to marketers, especially those in the specialty ag marketers served by Meister Media. The Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs just released the sixth edition of their annual B2B Content Marketing Benchmark, Budgets and Trends survey,

Flashgeddon: Google and FireFox seek to put an end to Flash

Google is taking a huge step in its attempt to kill Flash for good, and this matters to any company using Flash in the website ads it runs. Google’s Chrome browser, which is the leading browser for nearly all of Meister Media’s brand websites (which means its probably also how your customers view your website), will no longer autoplay Flash ads. Instead, these ads will show a play button (see image below). The

The How & Why of Webinars

By Bob West   Marketers’ increased use of digital media in the agriculture and specialty horticulture markets has primarily taken two forms: enewsletter and website advertising. Quite frankly, I have been surprised that one digital platform hasn’t been more readily embraced in these markets: webinars. So, the purpose of this post is to share the details on everything involved in a webinar while also exploring the value of producing one.

Lessons from the Top-Performing Ad Units of 2015

By Bob West   I recently came across a blog post promising “10 unbelievable stats about website advertising.” The basic point of the post was that online audiences are so conditioned to ignore ads and ad click-through rates having fallen so low that website advertising has lost its value. This is largely true, if you’re advertising on websites with huge consumer audiences, you’re not producing good creative, and, most importantly,

Greenhouse Growers’ Use of Apps, Social Media & More Revealed

  By Bob West   Greenhouse Grower magazine conducted its fifth Internet Use Survey of floriculture growers across the United States, and this latest research shed new light on growers’ use of digital media for business while also providing insight into which information sources growers value most. Key findings include: Growers rely on a broader range of information sources than ever to solve work problems. More than 81% of the

Greenhouse Grower 2015 Media Use Survey

As greenhouse growers’ use of the Internet for work has increased over the past decade, Greenhouse Grower has regularly surveyed growers to understand how and why they used online media. Initially, these surveys helped marketers verify that growers used the web for work and identify the types of content interesting them. Subsequent surveys shed light on growers’ use of social media, mobile devices and their engagement with different types of

How and Why You Should be Using UTM Codes

By Charlie Craine So what in the world is a UTM code? A UTM (Urchin Traffic Monitor) tracking code adds some elements to the end of your URL to trace specific information back to Google Analytics. This helps to identify specific ads, links or campaigns. Why do you need a UTM code? Because most marketing efforts have a broad range of sources, campaigns and mediums. We’ll explain these later. The

Lessons from a Client’s Google Analytics

  By Bob West   A client recently contacted us for help understanding the activity on their website. They admitted never looking at the Google Analytics (GA) numbers due to a lack of time, so they gave us access to their GA account and we dove in for them. The good news is that this client already had GA active on its website and decided to get serious about understanding