White Paper: “10 Digital Trends Marketers Need to Know”

It’s that time of year again. As spring blooms fade into the heat of the summer, marketers begin laying the seed for next year’s marketing plan. And among the first questions we tend to hear is: What’s new in online media?

We’re happy to oblige. Calling on our own experiences with Meister Media’s online brands and Meister Interactive clients, and culling the best from our media peers and from the media world at large, we like to pull together a list of “10 Digital Trends Marketers Need to Know.” For example:

  1. Online marketing is here to stay. This may be a given to many, but with the effectiveness of the banner ad — online marketing’s bread-and-butter — periodically under siege, it may be difficult for some to see that we’re already well into a whole new era of marketing to buyers.
  2. Online practices are “normalizing.” Online ad units and platforms are far from the “wild, wild west” they were just a handful of years ago. The IAB wields increasing influence with its standards and best practices for everything from optimal file sizes to the length of video files embedded in ads.

Interested in the full list of “10 Digital Trends Marketers Need to Know”?
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