A New Ad Unit That’s Worth Watching

The industries in which we work are not always on the cutting edge of marketing activities, but one advantage of this wait-and-see approach is that general tactics that make it into our world are generally pretty proven. Such is the case with an online ad unit recently introduced by Meister Media for all of its websites — the wallpaper ad.

Visit www.GreenhouseGrower.com for an example, and look for the vertical spots on the left- and right-hand sides of the screen. Couple of details about this ad so you can consider whether or not it belongs in your marketing plan:

  1. Our recommendation is that this be a weekly buy as opposed to the monthly buys most of our online ads fulfill. A wallpaper ad is designed for maximum impact, and we have concerns that the impact will fade over 30 days.
  2. Scroll down a page featuring this ad and note that the creative is fixed — the user sees the entire ad during their entire visit, so no worrying about the ad rolling off the screen.
  3. The two sides do not need to be the same creative — they can work together to tell a story.
  4. Based on the experiences of other media companies, we’re expecting click-through rates that easily surpass the benchmark of 0.53% average for our online ads.
  5. Pricing is still being finalized as we factor in the performance of the ad unit, but premium positioning and this much square footage is recognized in the price. Twice the CPM of a leaderboard ad seems like a good starting point to us.

Anyway, kudos to Syngenta for stepping out of the box a little bit and investing some money in something new. The ability to quickly and simply innovate is one of the most enticing elements of the web — anything is possible.

To discuss how a wallpaper ad can work for your campaign, please contact your Meister Media sales rep or our Director of Interactive Sales, Bob West, at bwwest@meistermedia.com or 440-602-9129.

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