And the No. 1 Ad Unit is…

Companies that advertise online or in enewsletters may have different goals, but they are almost always interested in driving click-through activity to their website. Companies making click-through activity their primary digital ad goal need to understand the performance in different digital ad units.

Meister Media recently analyzed the click-through rates of more than 2,700 enews and online ads placed with our various brands in 2012, and here are the average click-through rates for each ad unit:

Enewsletter Ad Units

Ad Unit Avg. Click-Through Rate
Leaderboard 0.83%
Medium rectangle 0.59%
Horizontal banner 0.37%
Logo/Text 1.45%
Sponsored video 1.72%

Online Ad Units

Ad Unit Avg. Click-Through Rate
Interstitial 2.47%
Wallpaper 2.13%
Leaderboard 0.38%
Medium rectangle 0.47%
Horizontal banner 0.42%
Sponsored content 2.14%

So, what do these numbers mean for you, the ad buyer?

  1. If click-through activity from enewsletter ads really matters to you, logo/text ads should be your first choice.
  2. enewsletter ads are proven tools for driving an audience to view your videos, as illustrated by the 1.72% average click-through rate on our Sponsored Video ad.
  3. Online ads offer a wider range of options for your consideration. Interstitial and Wallpaper ads are clearly much more effective, but they are also more expensive – perfect for product launches or other special promotions.
  4. Enewsletter ads almost always generate higher click-through rates than do online ads because online ads generate so many more impressions through repeat viewings. But online ads typically generate a higher number of impressions and clicks based on the exposure provided by web ads compared to enewsletter ads.

For ad click-through rate benchmarks on for one of our specific markets, please contact your Meister Media sales rep or our Director of Interactive Sales, Bob West, at or 440-602-9129.

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