My Animated Ad isn’t Moving. Why not???

If you’re not learning from others’ experience then you’re missing chances to speed through the digital curve, so we want to share as many of these experiences as possible to help out.

A client inquired this week about their animated ad that appeared very static, and they wanted to know why this was the case. The answer is simple (and easily remedied), but this is a good learning to share, so…

Animation can be built into an ad via three different means:

  1. Developing the ad as a Flash file.
  2. Developing the ad as an animated gif file.
  3. Developing the ad as an HTML 5 file.

Not all web browsers support all three of these file formats the same way. In particular, most mobile devices (particularly those made by Apple), do not support Flash. So, if a client supplies with us with a Flash ad for the web, they also have to supply us (or we create) a jpg file of just one screen from the animation, and this jpg is what the audience will see if they view the site via a particular browser (ie, an iPhone or iPad).

If a client wants its ad to be animated on all devices (or at least on any many devices as possible), they should submit the ad as an animated gif for their fallback image or they can supply us with an HTML5 Rich Media Ad.

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