Ag Markets See Mobile Traffic Continue Climbing in 2014


By Bob West


Before I get into the guts of this blog post, let me ask you a question: Would you ever set up a tradeshow booth that really only appealed to people walking in one particular direction down the aisle? Please keep that question in mind as we consider the increasing importance of mobile web traffic¦


As you likely know, mobile web traffic continues climbing. We know this is true thanks to a little bit of common sense mixed in with some Google Analytics 2014 data from Meister Media’s own specialty agriculture websites. (Further proof comes from the client websites on which we track and report Google Analytics information, but that’s obviously proprietary information for them and won’t be found here. But, trust us, those figures support the trends we see in numbers from our own websites.)


The numbers below illustrate a very clear three-year trend that speaks to increasing use of mobile platforms (phones and/or tablets) for accessing our websites.


Website 2012 Mobile Visits 2013 Mobile Visits 2014 Mobile Visits 16.6% 25.2% 37.7% 16.4% 21.2% 29.2% 13.9% 21.3% 28.5% 5.9% 14.3% 25.1% 13.7% 19.1% 24.8% 11.9% 18.9% 24.1% 12.7% 17.7% 19.8% 6.5% 13.4% 16.9%



  • Roughly one-quarter of all 2014 visits to a Meister Media website occurred on a mobile device, and that figure has nearly doubled over the past three years;
  • The vast majority of those devices are Apple products, particularly when used for one of the U.S. markets; and
  • While time/visit is much higher for tablet users, the sheer number of visits to our websites via phones outnumbers those via tablets by a 2-to-1 margin, so the smaller screens certainly matter.


The same mobile use patterns likely hold true for your website, too, which brings us back to the question about whether or not you would set up your tradeshow to only appeal to people one in one direction I can’t recall ever seeing a company do this in all my years attending trade shows. Rather, booths are set up to engage you regardless of how you arrive on the scene. Is the same true for your website?


When your customers or potential customers use a phone or a tablet to visit your website, they’re looking for information they need right away. How easily can they read the content on your site from a phone? Is the navigation still functional on those smaller screens? Do your videos play?


Marketers have to that ensure prospective customers can find the information they need regardless of how, when or on what device they visit your website. Companies that don’t offer a mobile-friendly web experience will simply lose traffic and sales opportunities to competitors that do so. Fortunately, recent developments in responsive design simplify this web chore for marketers and eliminate many obstacles for satisfying your customers growing need for information on the move.


If you haven’t looked at your website on a smartphone or a tablet recently, do so today. Do you like what you see? Will your customers like this?


The author is Director of Interactive Sales for Meister Media, and he can be reached at 440-602-9129 or

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