New Benchmark Click-through Rates Spotlight Top-Performing Ad Units

By Bob West


When enewsletters and websites debuted, this new form of advertising was all about the click and getting prospective customers to the advertiser’s website. This thinking has shifted quite a bit in recent years with marketers emphasizing digital advertising’s brand-building value more than anything.


But the click still carries value. That’s why we just analyzed the performance of more than 3,000 enewsletter and website ads placed by more than 250 clients in Meister Media’s family of eight websites and 10 enewsletters in 2014. The newest benchmark click-through rates for each ad unit and each enewsletter can be found below.


Here’s the key takeaways from the data:

  • If awareness / brand building is your goal, then buy web ads. The sheer volume of their impressions cannot beat.


  • When buying enewsletter ads, if clicks are the No. 1 goal then buy image/text ads. The image/text produced the highest click-through rate of any enewsletter ad unit we offer for the eighth consecutive year. These ads combine an image + up to 235 characters of copy, and the combination of their content-heavy nature along with their position among the enewsletter’s stories results in more clicks than any other enewsletter ad unit time and time again.


  • Nothing drives click-through rates like delivering your ad to a targeted audience amid relevant content. Click-through rates for our topical enewsletters are more than twice as high as those for our regular enewsletters with the sponsor content ad unit in these sends averaging a 2.50% CTR.


  • Quality creative matters more than ever. Your prospective customer spends more time online than ever and encounters more messages trying to catch his or her attention. Your creative must be smart, engaging and offer real value to get the outcome you desire.


Here are the average click-through rates for each ad unit in each different digital media – contact me or your Meister Media sales rep for click-through rates from each of our digital properties.



Ad Unit Average CTR
Leaderboard 0.58%
Medium rectangle 0.49%
Image/text 1.25%


Topical Enewsletters

Ad Unit Average CTR
Leaderboard 0.86%
Medium rectangle 0.83%
Sponsor content 2.50%



Ad Unit Average CTR
Popup 1.12%
Wallpaper 0.42%
Half page 0.32%
Leaderboard 0.29%
Medium rectangle 0.26%
Text banner 0.13%


Bob West is Meister Media’s Director of Interactive Sales. He can be reached at 440-602-9129 or 

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