Greenhouse Grower 2015 Media Use Survey


As greenhouse growers’ use of the Internet for work has increased over the past decade, Greenhouse Grower has regularly surveyed growers to understand how and why they used online media. Initially, these surveys helped marketers verify that growers used the web for work and identify the types of content interesting them.

Subsequent surveys shed light on growers’ use of social media, mobile devices and their engagement with different types of ad creative. Questions about the validity of digital media in the greenhouse market have been put to rest, but growers’ increasing dependence on different information sources creates new questions for marketers. Do growers still use print magazines in today’s digital age? Should every company invest in developing an app to reach growers? Do different media strategies make more sense depending on the type of growers a company targets?

Greenhouse Grower set out to answer these questions and more with its 2015 Media Use Survey. In June 2015, we emailed a survey to more than 10,000 growers, all of whom are based in the United States and who receive both Greenhouse Grower magazine and our Benchrunner enewsletter to ensure reaching an audience regularly exposed to both media channels. These growers were sent two different invitations to participate in the survey, which resulted in 315 completed and usable responses. Data collection was closed on July 6.

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