3 Key Lessons Learned from the Growth in Email Marketing in 2015

By Bob West


Amid all of the talk about companies’ increased use of digital media for their marketing plans these days, one thing gets lost: the tremendous growth in the use of email direct marketing to replace or supplement tradition direct mail efforts.


The benefits of using email for direct marketing are obvious:

  • The availability of metrics helps marketers measure an effort’s effectiveness and understand which messages engage prospective customers most effectively;
  • Email marketing efforts make it so easy for an audience to click through to a marketer’s website, thereby extending the engagement; and
  • Emails can be created, sent and delivered in a day, if necessary, helping marketers communicate much more quickly and efficiently.


Meister Media has participated in the growth in this business as the audience of growers accessible via email expands and more of our specialty agriculture clients incorporate email marketing into their campaigns. (For more information on how you can use email marketing more effectively, check out our blog post, “Email Marketing: How Does it Work?”)


As illustrated by the growth in the number of edirects we sent out in 2015, direct mail marketing continues performing for our clients, and the evidence can be seen in the following benchmark metrics produced by analyzing all 404 sends we executed for our clients this year.


Three key observations from these metrics:

  1. Clients are using direct email marketing more than ever. The number of email efforts we executed for clients in 2015 – 404 – represents nearly 30% growth in the number of sends in 2014.
  2. Clients are refining their audiences more than ever. The average number of email addresses rented from us for a client’s send in 2015 – 3,618 – is 14% less than was included on the average send in 2014.
  3. Our audience continues engaging with clients’ emails. The average open rate dropped just 0.3% in 2015 while the click-through rate climbed significantly as clients learned how best to engage these prospective customers via email.
Audience # of Email Efforts Sent Avg. # of Email Addresses / Send Avg. Open Rate Avg. Click-through Rate
American Fruit Grower 109 2,223 16.7% 1.83%
American Vegetable Grower 59 2,773 16.4% 2.12%
Florida Grower 38 1,926 16.0% 1.43%
Productores de Hortalizas 18 15,339 17.2% 2.80%
Cotton Grower 51 2,777 15.9% 1.60%
CropLife 74 4,233 18.7% 2.43%
AgriBusiness Global 3 4,292 21.1% 2.91%
Greenhouse Grower 42 3,667 16.0% 3.70%
TOTAL 404 3,618 17.0% 2.31%


Bob West is Meister Media’s director of interactive sales. He can be reached at 440/602-9129 or bwest@meistermedia.com.

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