Video and Audio

Communicate. Demonstrate. Compel.

Video is a powerful communication tool, allowing you to quickly and precisely demonstrate your product or introduce your company. More than ever, video is becoming the medium of choice for information — images, dialogue and sound combine to have far more impact than any of those elements alone. Video allows complete control over your message, presenting the viewer with the information you want them to see in the order you want them to see it.

Using the capabilities of our Studio M video/audio facility, opened in late 2009, Meister Interactive can craft video as part of your marketing program to bring you numerous advantages:

Impact. Videos offer the power of sound, images and special effects to capture and hold viewers’ attention. A well-crafted video is one of best ways to communicate information quickly and effectively.

Versatility. Videos are portable and can be used in meetings, at trade shows and posted online. They can be e-mailed and shared via social media. Videos can promote or describe a product in ways that a picture cannot — showing it from all angles, or by demonstrating how it works. Introduce viewers to your company and mission by showing them your facility, management team and workmanship. Finally, a training video is indispensable in helping customers achieve success with your product.

Affordability. A professionally produced video costs no more than a printed four-color brochure and can have a much longer life. Once a video is created, it can be shared with thousands, at any time and place, resulting in a very low cost per impression.

Meister Interactive also can craft participatory webinars for live and on-demand viewing, and detailed webcasts of remotely produced presentations for playback as video files. Additionally we can stream your video to any site you desire using our best-of-class online video platform.

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