Case Studies

In a short amount of time, Meister Interactive has built a wide portfolio of turnkey
solutions – from custom microsites to instructional videos to highly targeted outbound
email – for savvy marketers across swaths of American and global agriculture and
horticulture. Meister Interactive taps in-depth market understanding and digital
savviness to conceive, design, create and build highly relevant online products that
complement and turbocharge any sales and marketing campaign. Here is just a sampling of
our work.

Case Study 1: Custom Site, Content Creation, eMail, Video
The biological insecticides marketed by Valent BioSciences are “softer” than traditional crop protection chemistry but require a shift in thinking and a special management approach by growers of fresh and processed produce. The solution: Deploy informational custom websites that were conceived, designed, built and produced by Meister Interactive. Read More.

Case Study 2: Microsite, Content Creation, Video
Deltapine, the largest cottonseed company in America, needed an online complement to its New Product Evaluator (NPE) Program, an initiative that enlists farmers to evaluate pre-commercial seed lines in large-acre plot. The result is a well-trafficked custom landing page, designed by built by Meister Interactive. Read More.

Case Study 3: Online Ad Creation with Flash Animation
Brandt Consolidated, leading suppliers of crop protection, crop nutrient and seed products, wanted to create awareness of Manni-Plex, its new plant nutrition supplement. The tool: an attention-commanding Flash-animated ad featuring a NASCAR racecar and sight, sound and viewer interactivity, designed and built by Meister Interactive. Read More. Read More.