Screenshot of Valent BioSciences "A BioRational Approach" MicrositeThe biological insecticides marketed by Valent BioSciences are “softer” than traditional crop protection chemistry but require a shift in thinking and a special management approach by growers of fresh and processed produce.

The solution: Deploy informational custom websites that were conceived, designed, built and produced by Meister Interactive. for American fruit and vegetable growers, and the Spanish-language site for producers of the same crops in Latin America. Texts, field data, interactive quizzes, video/audio and PowerPoint material team up to provide the grower with an easy-to-use destination primer on the proper and beneficial use of biorationals.

The sites draw traffic through search engine optimization as well as through direct email and enewsletter and website advertising. In addition to toting up tens of thousands of impressions in its first year, the Biorational Approach program averaged 2:21 in video view time, a .5% click-through rate on websites, and a spectacular 9.4% click-through rate on enewsletters ads – nearly 50x the industry average.

Further evidence of audience reach was corroborated by research in February 2011, which showed that 37% of respondents among the U.S. fruit and vegetable industry target had watched the most recent Biorational Approach video series.