Whitepaper: How to Create Great Videos

Marketers know that video is part of their future. Video is a powerful tool for communicating a wealth of product information to customers and prospective customers alike, and the visuals can be very effective when it comes to helping customers better understand a product.

Yet many companies continue holding back and delaying their entry into to video. Our conversations with clients have helped us understand that many people consider video intimidating. We can’t simplify all facets of video development for you, but we are pleased to offer for download a 17-page guide to creating great videos.

This document (it’s only 17 pages because of all of the images – not much reading required!) was produced by Meister Media’s editors and video personnel focuses on providing practical tips for effective video, such as framing your shot, filming products vs. people, dealing with microphones and more.

This whitepaper is available for free, so fill out the form to get your PDF download.