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KeyPlex Website

KeyPlex's Custom-Designed Website featuring a modern and clean design that is responsive and mobile-friendly, an image slider to highlight and capture attention and a product listing.Client’s needs & goals:
KeyPlex initially developed two very different websites to serve fruit and vegetable growers throughout the United States and Latin America. One site was a standard, product-oriented website that primarily featured the company’s fertilizer and plant health product catalog in an online format. The second site was very information in nature and served to educate growers on a wide range of issues relevant to KeyPlex’s business without any sort of promotion or selling.

The company wanted to better leverage the engagement created through educational content in order to support its sales efforts while also catering to growers’ increased use of mobile devices. A new website was needed.

Role of Meister Interactive:
Meister Interactive began developing the new website by thoroughly analyzing the Google Analytics data for the two current websites to understand what information attracted and engaged growers most effectively. That data led the conversation about the website’s structure and navigation. From there, we created the graphic look for each of the different page types (home page, story page, product page, etc.) and then built the site using HTML5 to ensure a mobile-friendly experience.

KeyPlex aims to use more educational content to engage growers online, so Meister Interactive built a new content management system (WordPress) for the website and filled it with the content from the two existing websites.

The Result:
KeyPlex now has a website that integrates sales and marketing much more effectively and makes visitors aware of the company’s specific product solutions that help them solve the specific problems they learn about on

Approximate Budget:
$15,000 – $25,000

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