Skills: Video

Valent BioSciences

Case Study Title: Valent BioSciences | Videos

Markets Served: Ag retail

Brands: CropLife

Client’s Needs & Goals:
Valent BioSciences Corp. (VBC) is committed to developing low-risk, environmentally compatible products for the agricultural, public health, and forestry markets. When VBC wanted to share research findings pertaining to one of its leading biological insecticides, it determined that powerful visual evidence – communicated through video – would be the most effective means to do so.

Role of Meister Interactive:
Meister Interactive produced four custom videos for Valent BioSciences to host on its custom website, (also developed by Meister Interactive). The Meister Interactive video team scripted a targeted message for each video, went on location to capture footage, and edited each video into a finished product. A copy of each video was provided to VBC for hosting on its website, and the videos were promoted to the ag retailer audience via a series of enewsletter ads in Meister’s CropLife enewsletter.

The Result:
VBC ultimately developed four effective marketing tools that incorporated a highly respected voice to tell a powerful story. There is no substitute for use of a third-party evaluator and visual evidence to support your claims in field trial work, noted a company representative. For the soybean tank-mix videos in particular, the leaf damage on the side-by-side plots was so dramatic and the researcher so authentic in his support for our solution that we felt both of those attributes would be magnified using live camera footage as opposed to stills and text alone.

Approximate Budget:
$10,000 – $15,000

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