Custom Digital Platform Development

Microsites and Landing Pages:
While websites are full-out, year-round online resources that promote your organization, product or service 24/7, they are not the ideal online solution for every marketing need or program.

For marketers who want to zero in on a specific product or product line or marketing campaign such as issue-oriented marketing or a product launch, microsites may be a better fit. Microsites typically feature a half dozen or so pages and a contact mechanism designed for action, and they often stand alone from your primary website.

Landing pages are lean-and-mean lead-generation machines, typically one-page webforms that are supported by aggressive, traffic-producing promotion.

Custom eNewsletters and eBlasts:
“If you build it, they will come” may be true in the movies, but it’s a recipe for disaster in digital marketing.

If you want to truly engage your customers and prospects and generate critical mass of web traffic on your website and for your videos, email marketing must be part of your plan. For some companies, this simply means dedicating a portion of the advertising budget to buying enewsletter and / or online ads with the right industry media properties.

Other companies need an even stronger approach, which can mean a series of strategically scheduled custom email blasts or even a regular enewsletter of their own.

Regardless of your email need, we can help. Writing, designing, building and delivering newsletters to the inboxes is a core competency at Meister, and you can take advantage of our experience (and lists!) to get the best results for your company.

Lead Generation:
Make sure all the work you’ve put into generating awareness and driving click-throughs pays off. Let us help you generate leads. We’ll build the webform and database, craft the right verbiage, and perhaps recommend an incentive that ensures you have plenty of pre-qualified sales leads to follow up on.

Digital Media and Distribution:
Magazines, catalogs, and sales promotions are not dead. They are just going digital! Allow us to customize a solution that includes digital editions of print media with online advertising and promotions that deliver.

Rich Media:
Video, audio, Flash animation, and interactive elements keep the attention of your clients longer and can be used to bring a new level of information, promotion, and advertising to your web presence.