Meister Interactive Team

The essence of Meister Interactive is its people and the passion they bring to online
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  • Jim Sulecki, Director | Meister Interactive

    Jim Sulecki, Director of Meister Interactive

    • Provides strategic development and matches Meister Interactive clients’
      sales and marketing objectives to the best digital platform, content and
      creative resources possible.
    • Prior experience as division publishing director and magazine
      editor/writer in most markets served by Meister Media.
    • Named “Top Innovator, Online Executives” by BtoB Media Business
      magazine (2009).
    • Bears witness to the inevitable dominance of digital media, but with a
      BA in English also sees a future for print. “Like print today, radio
      and motion pictures once were measured for the gallows, but they’re
      still around today. They just changed their business models a bit,”
      Jim says. “Tablets and e-readers will nudge print over in the growing
      panoply of media options but will never entirely supplant it.”
  • Michelle Royal, Senior Analytics and Project Coordinator

    Michelle Royal, Senior Analytics and Project Coordinator of Meister Interactive

    • Manages complex projects, amasses metrics and provides campaign
      analytics for Meister Interactive clients.
    • Design and media industry veteran who holds a BS in Visual Communication
      Technology from Bowling Green State University.
    • Strongly believes that the quality of content and design in online
      marketing efforts is the deciding factor in a campaign’s success.
      “Many people don’t understand that print advertising is very different
      from online advertising,” Michelle says. “My job is to work with you to
      create ads with a clear and compelling call to action that delivers
      measurable results.”


  • James Heath, Senior Applications Developer

    James Heath, Senior Applications Developer of Meister Interactive

    • Builds custom websites, content management systems and databases for
      Meister Interactive clients.
    • Specialist in HTML, PHP, and SQL with a “minor” in Flash/Flex and C#.
      Custom-programmed the coding “chassis” for all Meister Media websites,
    • Online marketers don’t always utilize the full capacity of websites,
      according to James. “The Internet is so much more than the textual world
      it once was,” he says. “The user experience is greatly enhanced by
      modern browser capabilities, and future improvements will make viewing a
      website similar to watching interactive television.”
  • Kelly Green, Web Developer

    Kelly Green, Web Developer of Meister Interactive

    • Constructs custom websites and HTML email – custom e-newsletters and
      e-blasts – for Meister Interactive clients.
    • Holds a BS in Computer Information Systems from Kent State University.
    • Communicating via websites and e-mail is a very different proposition
      from using print, Kelly says. “Websites and newsletters are fast-moving
      and have more direct information,” she says. “It’s important to keep
      your most important message ‘above the fold’ (the view seen on the
      screen without scrolling). A simple yet direct layout or design will
      help the reader/viewer find the information they are looking for easily
      and keep them engaged.”
  • James Robinson, Web Developer

    James Robinson, Web Developer of Meister Interactive

    • Constructs custom websites and conducts custom programming for Meister
      Interactive clients.
    • Coding troubleshooter nonpareil who holds a BAS in Computer Information
      Systems from Youngstown State University: If Jim doesn’t know a
      programming language or isn’t able to figure it out, it possibly hasn’t
      been invented yet.
    • What’s the next big revolution in digital media? “We are visual
      information hogs,” Jim says. “Information presented in an
      easy-to-understand, visual, timely, and interactive way is the most used
      yet least prevalent web advancement. Being able to find breaking news
      from Argentina, which teams won a World Series, or who performed nearly
      any song in just seconds today is just the beginning.”


  • Marc Antonelli, Video Producer

    Marc Antonelli, Video Producer of Meister Interactive

    • Conceptualizes, coordinates, produces, shoots and edits custom video for
      Meister Interactive clients.
    • Oversees daily operation of Studio M, Meister Media’s video/audio
      production facility. Previous roles include web development and retail
    • Marc believes the explosion in online video is just beginning. “Video
      communicates in a way no other medium can,” he says. “With technology
      rapidly advancing and restraints being removed as Internet speeds surge,
      it won’t be long before video saturates almost every aspect of our lives
      in one form or another.”
  • Steve Lidrbauch, Video Editor

    Steve Lidrbauch, Video Editor of Meister Interactive

    • Shoots and edits video, and also specializes in motion graphics for
      Meister Interactive clients.
    • Has a degree in Media Production from the University of Akron, where he
      worked as an editor/producer on a television news show, a music
      countdown show and a documentary, and interned at Sportstime Ohio.
    • Steve is a firm believer in the role of online video in
      business-to-business communication. “People are visual creatures,” says
      Steve. “They want to see something before making any serious
      commitments. We now have those capabilities through online video. We
      just have to face the fact that the ‘dark ages’ are over and have been
      brilliantly lit by LEDs and LCDs.”


  • Bill Rigo, Corporate Creative Services Director

    Bill Rigo, Corporate Creative Services Director of Meister Interactive

    • Ensures all design work for Meister Interactive clients is compelling,
      complementary to client objectives, consistent across all digital and
      other media platforms and cries out for interaction.
    • A 30-year design veteran in a 360-degree media environment – print,
      digital and in-person.
    • His Creative Services design team at Meister Media has been recognized
      13 times since 1999 by the American Society of Business Publication
      Editors for excellence in print design for business publications.
    • Sees distinct opportunities and challenges in designing for digital that
      are like no other medium. “When I approach a design problem that is
      intended for the digital audience, many of the traditional print design
      rules are thrown out the window,” Bill says. “You must take a step back
      and know what you are attempting to create is only a door that takes you
      to a place that will expose you to the entire story or sales message. My
      job, when creating a digital advertising, is to get that viewer to walk
      through that door and discover the world beyond.”
  • Robin Siktberg, Custom Content Editor

    Robin Siktberg, Custom Content Editor of Meister Interactive

    • Crafts, edits and advises on the presentation of custom content –
      articles, copywriting, images, and video – for Meister Interactive
    • Seasoned veteran of both writing/editing and horticulture/agriculture.
      Holds a B.S. in Agricultural Communications from The Ohio State
      University with previous experience as the editor at the Herb Society of
      America and as the horticulturist at the Cleveland Botanical Garden.
    • Sees a big role for factual, informative custom content in
      product/service marketing campaigns. “Fresh, well-written, informative
      content is the key to showing customers that you know your business and
      keeps them returning to your website again and again,” Robin says. “My
      job is to deliver the information your customers want in a medium that
      works for them.”